Choucroute de la mer!!!!! Extra!! La Baritaudiere 16.5.19 19hrs.

Prepare to be delighted!  If you only think of a heavy Germanic dish when choucroute/Sauerkraut is mentioned, you have never tasted an excellent Choucroute de la Mer.  Delicate finely shredded  soft  white cabbage cooked in Riesling accompanied by small steamed  potatoes and an array of morsels of fish cooked to perfection.   C’est delicieux!

If you enjoyed the Curry Evening come and extend your range even further with this wonderful dish.   We’ll have to think about the wine accompaniment; I don’t think the red Cotes du Rhone is entirely appropriate.   Mmmh.   There’s time to reflect.  How about un petit Pastis?   Bring your own!  

Cost will be 15euros each for members – 20Euros for guests.