How to find Us / Nous Trouver

LE PONT A SION” can be found at:
La Parée Verte, Salle n°3
53-59 Chemin des Garennes,
85270  Saint Hilaire de Riez.

Ouvert/Open:   Jeudi/Thursday 18h – 20h – Vendredi/Friday 10h – 12h  

…….but see Future Events/Agenda for  other happenings – there’s usually a picnic during the summer break! .

La Parée Verte may be found at:

N 46° 43′ 15.8736       W. 1° 58′  0.7536  (centre of the map)

Paree verte map

Some events however, especially those involving catering are held in the Salle La Baritaudiere  in St Hilaire de Riez.  GPS Coordinates:

N.  46°  43′ 18.1776″        W.   1°  56′ 50.3088″

When signing up for an event, please always check that you are sure of the venue.

map of st hilaire

Other events may be held at the following venues.

Bourrine à Loulou (29 chemin de la Parée Préneau, St Hilaire de Riez)may be found at GPS:

N  46°  44′  13.4304″        W.     1°  59′   6.7704″


Picnic Spot at La Baudriere, Lac du Jaunay may be found  at:

N. 46° 39′ 44.1576″        W. 1° 44′ 58.362″

When signing up for an event, please be sure of the venue!!