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Le Pont a Sion Picnic 15th July 2021


Bastille Day had come and gone, not with a whimper exactly, but largely unnoticed in the Vendee.   However, the loyal members of Le Pont a Sion were ready to party

Josette arrived early – ‘comme d’habitude’.   to put up the sign and bag the best spot for us all.           

After slicing some saucisson, she was ready for the arrival of everyone else.





A picture is worth a thousand words, someone once said.    And what more is to be said.   It was great to be together again in the summer sunshine.     What about a return match in August??

As usual, our picnic at Lac du Jaunay has been very successful and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!… Comme d’habitude notre pique-nique au Lac du Jaunay a eu beaucoup de succès, dans une atmosphère champêtre et amicale!…



Back in Business!!

Our first meeting after the long lockdown was on Thursday 10th when Josette stood in for Marie and treated us to examples of ‘sayings’ in French and English.    Everyone much enjoyed being together again and were pleased to hear that a trip to Les Sables d’Olonne for Fish and Chips is planned for Thursday 1st July, our last Thursday before the Summer holiday.   We  will begin again on Thursday 16th September.

Friday 11th saw a good crown of Members (29) assemble for a lively quiz morning when Jean Claude gave us an amusing anecdote about Janet Baker, and reminded us of the events coming up at the Bourrine de Lou Lou.  (See the post with the programme)

It is also intended to have picnics at the Lac du Jaunay in both July and August.    Watch this space for date.   HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!



Great News – We are re-opening on June 10th.

Hurrah, hurrah!                   We are able to open for our heretofor usual sessions on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings.  Thursday 10th June we will be open to all (up to a maximum of 40 people, but we are very unlikely to exceed that).    Marie, or one of her helpers will be there to welcome you at 6pm.

Friday morniing quiz will be held on the followind day, Friday, and on each subsequent Friday.


We also intend having a picnic for Members and friends towards to end of June.  Date will be confirmed later.   Venue will be our usual one at the Lac du Jaunay.

The President has spoken…….

………and not surprisingly we are once again in lockdown.   Or we will be from Fridahy 30th, for at least a month.   Tonights Thursday meeting will thererfore be the last for the time being and there will be no Friday quizes until things ease.

However, we can keep in touch, thanks to Zoom and Whatsapp, not to mention the good old telephone.   So help keep each others spirits up and ‘keep in touch’.

You can’t keep a quizzer down!! Round one!

Whilst mantaining social distance and sanitization, eighteen Members of Le Pont a Sion gathered for the first time after lockdown for the Friday morning quiz.

Although not permitted to serve coffee, the atmosphere was nonetheless convivial.

….. but Cecile, having risen late, was not quite up to speed with some music questions!  Will improve  next time and when the ghetto-blaster works better!


August Picnic – Wednesday 19th. CANCELLED / ANNULE


Due to the weather the picnic is sadly cancelled.  Pour raisons meteorologiques (!) le piquenique est annulé.      
Really sorry!     Désolé!!


Following considerable encouragement from Members who enjoyed our July picnic, we aim to have a repeat on Wednesday 19th August, at our usual spot at Lac de Jaunay. Après l’enthousiasme suscité par notre dernier pique-nique en juillet, nous souhaitons recommencer le mercredi 19 août, à notre emplacement habituel au Lac du Jaunay.

July’s picnic was hugely enjoyable and we seem to have avoided any unfortunate outcomes in terms of the Covid virus.   However, most of us are in the vulnerable category and we should prehaps try somewhat harder to ‘follow the rules’.   We must endeavour to sanitize hands on arrival, of course we must NOT shake hands or kiss.   We should also aim to maintain at least a meter of distance between us.   Last time some delicious foods were shared.   This is strictly against the rules and we must be VERY VERY  careful. Le pique-nique de juillet a été très agréable et apparemment nous n’avons eu aucune conséquence fâcheuse en terme de Covid 19. Cependant, étant donné que la plupart des adhérents sont “à risque”, il faut que nous respections davantage les gestes barrière. Nous devrons nous laver les mains à l’arrivée, et bien sûr ne pas serrer les mains ni embrasser quiconque ! La dernière fois, quelques plats délicieux ont été partagés, mais cela est contraire aux règles et nous devons être très très prudents!…

Don’t forget tables and chairs to respect safe distances ! N’oubliez pas tables et sièges pour respecter les distances de sécurité !…

That said, let’s have another lovely time, enjoying each others’ company. Ceci établi, nous espérons passer encore une agréable journée conviviale en compagnie de nos amis.

See you there! A bientôt !

Picnic Spot at La Baudrière, Lac du Jaunay may be found  at:

N. 46° 39′ 44.1576″        W. 1° 44′ 58.362″




What do you want to do ?

New mail

What do you want to do ?

New mail

What do you want to do ?

New mail

Easing of confinement – June is busting out all over.

Early June brings a relaxation in some of the restrictions which we have enjoyed (sic) for many weeks.   A walk along the Grande Plage – keeping distances – may well result in a conversation with another member of Le Pont a Sion, as it did for Jo and I the other day. Le début de juin a apporté un peu de relâchement dans les restrictions que nous avons subies pendant de nombreuses semaines. Une promenade sur le remblai (en gardant les distances physiques) peut déboucher sur une rencontre avec un autre adhérent du Pont à Sion, ce qui nous est arrivé à Jo et moi l’autre jour!…

The Vendee has been comparatively fortunate with the low number of sufferers from the Covid 19 virus.   This is due in part to the intelligent conformity to the ‘sanitary’ regulations.   We must of course all continue to exercise social distancing for some considerable time. La Vendée a eu la chance d’avoir peu de personnes atteintes du Covid19. Ceci est dû en grande partie au fait que les gens se sont bien conformés aux règlements sanitaires. Nous devons bien sûr tous continuer à pratiquer la distanciation physique pendant encore longtemps.

After wonderful weather in May, we are due for a little cooling off period but hopefully the warm sunshine will return after some welcome rain and we will all enjoy a lovely summer. Après un temps magnifique en mai, nous allons avoir une période un peu plus fraîche, avec un peu de pluie bienvenue pour les jardins, puis nous pourrons sans doute à nouveau bénéficier d’un superbe été!…

You will be informed as soon as there is the possibility for us all getting together again. Nous vous tiendrons bien sûr au courant dès qu’il sera à nouveau possible de nous réunir à nouveau.

Best wishes to you all from the President and Committee.

Rights of British citizens in France after Brexit.

British citizens living in France may still be confused over their rights and obligations after the UK definitively leaves the EU at the end of 2020.   Those with a variety of states of residency, whether as naturalised French citizens, holders of current Cartes de Sejour, or those intending or in the process of applying for one of the above may still have some questions.  Hopefully those will be answered in the document ”Living in France post-Brexit: what you need to know”.

A copy of this document can be found on this site.   Look under Photos and Archives on the home page and follow the link.   The document is not very clear, but if you click upon it,  a clear version will appear – and which you can print.

Looking forward

The AGM has come and gone and we are now ‘enjoying’ something of an hiatus.  Our events venue is programmed to host the upcoming elections, so consequently there will be no eating and drinking until the Couscous evening – see below.

However, our usual weekly events continue.   Thursday evenings are now managed by Marie Habert with much enthusiasm and energy and the Friday morning quiz continues to attract crowds!

Make sure you don’t miss the Couscous Evening and sign up asap!