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Musical event on Thursday evening June 30th

Pour terminer l’année joyeusement (malgré l’absence de la Roulotte de Fish & Chips), nous vous proposons de nous retrouver au BOCK’ALE à Brétignolles (1 Rond-Point du Moulin) pour un léger buffet musical le jeudi soir 30 juin à 19h00.

On June 30th, to  end the year merrily (despite the absence of our traditional Fish & Chips), we propose to meet at the BOCK’ALE in Brétignolles (1 Rond-Point du Moulin), for a light buffet and music at 19.00.

REGISTRATION FEE : 12€ per person before June 24th

INSCRIPTION :  12€ par personne avant le 24 juin






Salle de la Baritaudière n°2 at 7 p.m.

The evening was a huge success,   Michele did her creative thing and set the ambiance for the evening with bunting and table decorations.


Members had been invited to provide all the food – apart from bread and wine – and they did so right royally.   I couldn’t believe that it would all be eaten, but eaten it was and with considerable gusto!.  Many thanks to everyone who provided such a magnificent spread.




Entertainment was provided as usual by some talented members; noteworthy were Mike and Sylvianne who duetted to Mike’s guitar.  As the evening progressed more and more folk felt the urge to sing and it was a joyous occasion.


Many a health was drunk to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

”The Queen – God Bless Her”

Thursday evening November 18th

As usual, the evening was hosted by Marie, helped this time by her friends Babette and Véronique!…

They spent some very nice holidays in Alsace, and they shared with us their discoveries (cultural and gastronomic…)

If you click on the link below, you can also watch an alsatian dance …


All the participants have enjoyed this lively evening, and especially the wines and the toasts and various cakes prepared by Marie.

We are looking forward to their next holidays!!!…