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Up and running again!

Barring a resurgence in the Covid numbers in the Vendee, we are now almost back to normal. Last Thursday a good crowd of Members were able to enjoy an evening devoted to discussing beer in all its’ forms.   Marie is now in the process of organising an excursion for Members to a brewery locally – doubtless involving tastings!

Friday also welcomed 27 Members and friends to our regular quiz morning, with another new Member.   Welcome J J !

Also in prospect is a ‘Soiree Couscous, to be held of Thursday 7th October at La Baritaudiere.   (15 euros each by cheque for Members)    Also planned is  an end of year/early Christmas meal at a venue which we have all previously enjoyed.   So, watch this space and be ready to sign up with Dominique for these events either on Thursday evenings or Friday mornings.

Happy times are here again!


What do you want to do ?

New mail

Chers Adhérents et Amis, Dear Members and Friends,

Comme vous le savez, nous n’avons pas la possibilité de nous réunir pour notre Assemblée Générale Annuelle du 30 janvier 2021, donc celle-ci devra se tenir virtuellement ! As you are well aware, we cannot meet for our AGM of January 30, 2021, so it will be held virtually !

Plusieurs points nécessitent un vote de votre part : Several items require your vote :

  • L’approbation du Rapport Moral / Approval of Annual Report
  • L’approbation du Rapport Financier / Approval of Financial Report
  • Election de plusieurs membres du Conseil d’Administration : Election of several members of the Board.
    Un bulletin de vote a été envoyé à chaque adhérent, et nous vous demandons de renvoyer vos votes par retour. A ballot has been mailed to each member and we ask you to send it back by return.

Nous espérons que nous pourrons rependre nos activités dans quelque temps et ne manquerons pas de vous en informer dès que possible. We hope we will be able to resume our activities as soon as we possibly can, and will keep you informed when things change.  En attendant, tout le Conseil d’Administration vous adresse ses meilleurs vœux pour 2021. In the meantime, all the Committee send their best wishes for a healthy 2021.



You can’t keep a quizzer down!! Round one!

Whilst mantaining social distance and sanitization, eighteen Members of Le Pont a Sion gathered for the first time after lockdown for the Friday morning quiz.

Although not permitted to serve coffee, the atmosphere was nonetheless convivial.

….. but Cecile, having risen late, was not quite up to speed with some music questions!  Will improve  next time and when the ghetto-blaster works better!


February 1st, our President’s Birthday

Last Friday, we celebrated our President’s birthday with a delicious cake made by Jean-Paul’s wife : vendredi dernier, nous avons fêté l’anniversaire de notre Présidente avec un délicieux gâteau fait par l’épouse de Jean-Paul  :

We then proceeded very seriously to our usual quizzes with three teams, orchestrated by Brian : nous sommes ensuite passés à nos quiz habituels, avec nos trois équipes très concentrées, orchestrées par Brian …

Brian was delighted to be aided by Hester and Dominique who had created some questions of their own.


Friday morning quizzes

Just in case you don’t know, every Friday morning (normalement), after coffee, biscuits and a chat, we have a quiz.  This Friday there were 25 people enjoying testing their memories and brains.   Questions are very welcome from all members.

Habituellement, chaque vendredi matin, après café/thé, petits gâteaux et bavardages, nous organisons un quiz bilingue. Vendredi dernier, 25 participants ont fait travailler avec plaisir leur cerveau et leur mémoire ! Nous serions amateurs de questions pour nos quiz : à bon entendeur …

WP_20170210_002quiz 2quizical 


There is nothing in France to equal a good English pub…………..   unless it is a good English pub – in France.  If you are looking for a pub that is warm, has comfortable seating and serves good food, look no further than the ”Pub des Halles” in Ste Hermine.  It is popular with both Brits and local French people.   A ‘Franglais’ evening is held on Mondays and a bi-langue quiz once a month.

The fish and chips are highly recommended.



Message from the President – Sad News – May 19th 2016

C’est avec un profond regret que je dois informer les membres de la mort de Charles Languedoc, le mari de notre secrétaire Josette.   Charles est décédé subitement mercredi après-midi.

On se souviendra tous de son aide indefatigable pendant tous nos évènements.  Notre sympathie va à Josette et au reste de sa famille.

It is with deep regret that I have to inform Members of the death of Charles Languedoc, husband of our Secretary, Josette.     Charles died suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday afternoon.     He will be remembered by us all for his unstinting help during all our Le Pont events.   Our sympathy goes out to Josette and the rest of her family.

The funeral will be at the crematorium in La Roche sur Yon at 1600 on Monday 23rd May.

Crématorium de La Roche sur Yon, Rue Georges Mazurelle

POST SCRIPTUM:    A large number of Members attended the ceremony, together with Charles’ family and  many others:  a tribute to a highly valued, very popular and much loved man. 

Among the flowers was a bouquet  presented on behalf of the Members of Le Pont a Sion.

How to recognise a stroke – CVA / AVC


TIME is of the essence.    Act  F.A.S.T!


FACE –    Have they got a lop-sided face.   Ask them to smile

ARM – Check for  arm weakness.   Ask them to hold up both arms

SPEECH – Are there difficulties in speaking.   Ask them to repeat a phrase.

TIME – Don’t waste time if you suspect a stroke.  If these symptoms, or trouble with balance, or a severe headache appear suddenly and with no apparent cause – get help immediately.   DIAL 15

A C T   F A S T !