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Thursday evening November 18th

As usual, the evening was hosted by Marie, helped this time by her friends Babette and Véronique!…

They spent some very nice holidays in Alsace, and they shared with us their discoveries (cultural and gastronomic…)

If you click on the link below, you can also watch an alsatian dance …


All the participants have enjoyed this lively evening, and especially the wines and the toasts and various cakes prepared by Marie.

We are looking forward to their next holidays!!!…

Picnic at Lac du Jaunay July / Juillet 2021

Bastille Day had come and gone, not with a whimper exactly, but largely unnoticed in the Vendee.   However, the loyal members of Le Pont a Sion were ready to party

Josette arrived early – ‘comme d’habitude’.   to put up the sign and bag the best spot for us all.           

After slicing some saucisson, she was ready for the arrival of everyone else.





A picture is worth a thousand words, someone once said.    And what more is to be said.   It was great to be together again in the summer sunshine.     What about a return match in August??

As usual, our picnic at Lac du Jaunay has been very successful and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!… Comme d’habitude notre pique-nique au Lac du Jaunay a eu beaucoup de succès, dans une atmosphère champêtre et amicale!…



PICNIC at LAC DU JAUNAY Aug / Aout 2021

Please  come and meet us at Lac du Jaunay (usual place) on Wednesday August 18th midday for a friendly picnic lunch.

Venez nous rejoindre au Lac du Jaunay (à l’endroit habituel) pour un pique-nique amical le mercredi 18 août.

You may come with your family since there is plenty of space for children…

Vous pouvez venir en famille étant donné qu’il y a assez d’espace pour que les enfants puissent jouer…

Picnic Spot at La Baudriere, Lac du Jaunay may be found  at:

N. 46° 39′ 44.1576″        W. 1° 44′ 58.362″

Fish and Chips Dinner at Les Sables d’Olonne

“La Roulotte Fish and Chips”,Quai Franqueville at les Sables will be welcoming us on Thursday July 1st at 7 p.m. “La Roulotte Fish and Chips”, Quai Franqueville aux Sables d’Olonne pourra nous accueillir le jeudi 1er juillet à 19h.

Registrations will be taken next week, because it is essential to know how many persons will attend, in order to buy enough fish … Nous enregistrerons les inscriptions la semaine prochaine car il est impératif de connaître le nombre de participants pour pouvoir acheter le poisson nécessaire.

Back in Business!!

Our first meeting after the long lockdown was on Thursday 10th when Josette stood in for Marie and treated us to examples of ‘sayings’ in French and English.    Everyone much enjoyed being together again and were pleased to hear that a trip to Les Sables d’Olonne for Fish and Chips is planned for Thursday 1st July, our last Thursday before the Summer holiday.   We  will begin again on Thursday 16th September.

Friday 11th saw a good crown of Members (29) assemble for a lively quiz morning when Jean Claude gave us an amusing anecdote about Janet Baker, and reminded us of the events coming up at the Bourrine de Lou Lou.  (See the post with the programme)

It is also intended to have picnics at the Lac du Jaunay in both July and August.    Watch this space for date.   HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!



Picnic at Lac du Jaunay July 8th

Temps de rêve et cadre romantique pour cette première réunion depuis 4 mois, et tous les participants (43 personnes) ont été très heureux de se retrouver!…


 A truly wonderful day!   Once again we were able to meet our friends  in the beautiful setting of the Lac de Jaunay.  It was our first meeting since the beginning of March and 43 Members and friends were clearly delighted to be able to socialise once more….


Après un très joyeux déjeuner , Brian avait organisé un quiz pour deux équipes (très bruyantes…) qui a eu beaucoup de succès !!!…

After a very friendly, companionable lunch, Brian had organised a quiz for two teams (very noisy…) which was very successful.

Etant donné l’enthousiasme général, nous organiserons un second pique-nique avant la fin de l’été, donc surveillez les informations sur ce site…

There was considerable enthusiasm for the idea of a second picnic before the end of summer, so watch this space!!

PICNIC on Wednesday JULY 8th – Lac du Jaunay

PICNIC at LAC DU JAUNAY (La Baudrière)

Rive Gauche – Left Bank

Wednesday JULY 8th

What do you want to do ?

New mail

Bring your own food and drinks, and tables and chairs, and we will meet for the first time s since the lockout!

Apportez votre nourriture et vos boissons, ainsi que tables et chaises, et nous pourrons nous rencontrer pour la première fois depuis le confinement.

Picnic Spot at La Baudrière, Lac du Jaunay may be found  at:

N. 46° 39′ 44.1576″        W. 1° 44′ 58.362″