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Wot, no fish and chips!!! Instead a musical evening in Bretignolles!

Sadly we were unable to have our usual visit to Les Sables for fish and chips as the lady fish and chipper has moved her business to the north coast.  However, our valiant Secretary, Dom’ Morris rose to the challenge by organising a visit to the Rock’Ale bar in Bretignolles.    Malheureusement, cette année, nous n’avons pas pu déguster nos traditionnels “Fish & Chips” aux Sables d’Olonne, car Christine, la proprétaire de la roulotte, est partie définitivement en Normandie!… Cepenant notre Secrétaire, Dom’ Morris, a relevé le défi en organisant une soirée tapas/musique au Rock’Ale à Brétignolles.


In recent years more of these eclectic and ‘quirky’ bars have sprung up offering much more than the normal, ‘utilitarian’ French bar. Depuis quelques années on a vu fleurir nombre de ces bars/tavernes proposant plus que les bars habituels.

This bar has a very wide variety of wines and beer to offer, together with lots of food – of which we enjoyed a variety. Ce bar propose une grande variété de vins et de bières, de même qu’un assortiment de tapas dont nous nous sommes régalés.

Music was provided by Dom’ .   However such was the air of ‘conviviality’ that I for one was unaware of the music! La playlist musicale a été concoctée par Dom, mais la convivialité était telle, qu’elle est passée au second plan. De plus, de nombreux chanteurs nous ont aussi égayés…     An excellent evening.  Une excellente soirée.

Now for the picnic on July 20th at Lac de Jaunay.

Et maintenant, prochain rendez-vous pour le pique-nique du 20 juillet au Lac du Jaunay, à la Baudrière!







Salle de la Baritaudière n°2 at 7 p.m.

The evening was a huge success,   Michele did her creative thing and set the ambiance for the evening with bunting and table decorations.


Members had been invited to provide all the food – apart from bread and wine – and they did so right royally.   I couldn’t believe that it would all be eaten, but eaten it was and with considerable gusto!.  Many thanks to everyone who provided such a magnificent spread.




Entertainment was provided as usual by some talented members; noteworthy were Mike and Sylvianne who duetted to Mike’s guitar.  As the evening progressed more and more folk felt the urge to sing and it was a joyous occasion.


Many a health was drunk to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

”The Queen – God Bless Her”

Soirée Jambalaya – Tuesday April 5th

For our first meal of the year, we chose to order a Jambalaya from our favourite ‘traiteur’. Pour notre premier dîner de l’année, nous avions commandé un Jambalaya chez notre Traiteur favori de Sion,

absolutedly delicious. absolument délicieux et épicé.

Tables were set with aperos, a kir, and appropriate decorations created by our artist Michèle as usual. Les tables, comme d’habitude décorées par notre artiste Michèle, étaient préparées avec des amuse-bouches et des kirs.




Members soon tucked in as the wine flowed and the noise rose……..

Les adhérents se sont vite installés et le bruit est monté au fur et à mesure que les verres se vidaient….

….. a good time was had by all. Tout le monde a passé un très bon moment!…

Thursday evening November 18th

As usual, the evening was hosted by Marie, helped this time by her friends Babette and Véronique!…

They spent some very nice holidays in Alsace, and they shared with us their discoveries (cultural and gastronomic…)

If you click on the link below, you can also watch an alsatian dance …


All the participants have enjoyed this lively evening, and especially the wines and the toasts and various cakes prepared by Marie.

We are looking forward to their next holidays!!!…

Picnic at Lac du Jaunay July / Juillet 2021

Bastille Day had come and gone, not with a whimper exactly, but largely unnoticed in the Vendee.   However, the loyal members of Le Pont a Sion were ready to party

Josette arrived early – ‘comme d’habitude’.   to put up the sign and bag the best spot for us all.           

After slicing some saucisson, she was ready for the arrival of everyone else.





A picture is worth a thousand words, someone once said.    And what more is to be said.   It was great to be together again in the summer sunshine.     What about a return match in August??

As usual, our picnic at Lac du Jaunay has been very successful and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!… Comme d’habitude notre pique-nique au Lac du Jaunay a eu beaucoup de succès, dans une atmosphère champêtre et amicale!…



PICNIC at LAC DU JAUNAY Aug / Aout 2021

Please  come and meet us at Lac du Jaunay (usual place) on Wednesday August 18th midday for a friendly picnic lunch.

Venez nous rejoindre au Lac du Jaunay (à l’endroit habituel) pour un pique-nique amical le mercredi 18 août.

You may come with your family since there is plenty of space for children…

Vous pouvez venir en famille étant donné qu’il y a assez d’espace pour que les enfants puissent jouer…

Picnic Spot at La Baudriere, Lac du Jaunay may be found  at:

N. 46° 39′ 44.1576″        W. 1° 44′ 58.362″