AGM January 2013 – Assemblee Generale Janvier 2013


Annual General Meeting 12th January 2013.

The meeting began at 1522hrs in the presence of:

President – Mrs June West

Treasurer – Mr François Devin

Mme Josephine Collinson

Mme Michèle Coutard

Mme Marie France Simmonet

Mr Roger Petitjean

Mr Patrice Garreau

Mr Brian Collinson


57 other Members of the Association were present.


President’s Report


June began by welcoming everyone to the AGM and on behalf of the Committee, wished everyone a Happy New Year.  She also welcomed new Members, and introduced Members of the Committee.  During her report, which was interpreted into French by Marie France, she touched upon the difficulties experienced by the Association following the uncertainties surrounding the previously used premises and the subsequent move to the Salle Communale in Sion.


She went on to recall the social events, which had occurred during 2012, and to outline some of the planned events for 2013.  These to include a Galette du Rois party, Scottish country dancing, and the car rally together with the Association Experience et Partage.  Also intended are the annual picnic at the Lac de Jaunay and visits to a vineyard and hopefully a visit to the historic site at Neuil sur l’Autize; the year to end with ‘Chants de Noel’ on Sunday 15th December.


2012 in retrospect.

Marie France had created an excellent series of slides – with sound effects – to illustrate those events of 2012 which June had described.  These were projected and much appreciated.


Treasurers Report.

Francois began by comparing 2011 with 2012.  Major differences in the balance sheet derive from the Association having moved premises from one which required a rental payment, and payment for electricity and gas etc., to one which required none of the above.

In answer to a question from the floor Francois explained that extra income had also resulted from the sale of the cooker from the previous premises,  together with bookshelves and other items.  He pointed out also that the uncertainty of the future required the Association to retain the financial resources to meet changing circumstances.  He felt there was  no indication for any change to the annual subscription of 12 euros.

It was proposed by Ian Taylor that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.  This was seconded by David Vernon and carried unanimously.

Statute Changes.

Marie France informed the AGM that French regulations required some minor amendments to the Constitution of the Association, and their acceptance at the AGM.

Those changes involved a modification in the wording regarding availability of books, and a requirement for new Members to accept the Constitution and to pay an annual Membership fee.   The other change was regarding proxy voting; the number of proxy votes allowed to be held by any Member was to be a maximum of two – with the exception of the parent or legal representative of any child Members, who would be entitled to hold proxy votes for all of those children, regardless of number.

A show of hands showed a unanimous acceptance of these changes, which will be entered into the Constitution. 

Elections to Membership of the Committee.

The President announced that she and Linda Gorton were required to stand for re-election and that Brian Collinson needed to be ratified as a Member of the Committee. (He had replaced Alison Taylor, whom the President thanked and praised for her work  on the Committee since the beginning of the Association). Wendy Vernon had also volunteered to serve on the Committee and was standing for election. Voting papers were then collected and counted.


Votes counted for election to the Committee were  as follows:

Linda Gorton     – 63 of 65 Members

Wendy Vernon  – 62 of 65 Members

June West          – 63 of 65 Members

Brian Collinson – 64 of 65 Members

The President closed the Annual General Meeting at 1605hrs. 



Brian Collinson                                                   June West

Acting Minutes Secretary                                    President